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The BASE DigiPersonnel (BDP) a multi-user, multi-tasking system designed for human resource management. It consists of an easy-to-use graphical user interface and a fast and reliable networking database. BDP can run on any database system which support ANSI standard. BDP is a powerful and user-friendly answer to organizing your personnel data. With a clear tabbed-dialog and push-button menu interface, you can track all the data you need to manage your employees more efficiently. Keep up to date on training, benefits, emergency data, evaluations, performance, families, and lots more. You can control and edit the many drop down list boxes that tailor the program to your company operations.

The system is extremely comprehensive and includes all the following functions:

       Employee Information System (EIS).
       Attendance and overtime management .
        Leave Management .
        Payroll Management .
        Provident fund Management .
       Job Analysis .
        Employee Appraisal with 360-degree appraisal process .
       Training Management .
       Security .
       Backup / Restore .
       Interface to Accounting system (optional).

A prime objective of an HR management system is to improve your company's or department's operational efficiency allowing more time for essential strategic tasks.

Benefits :

All of the modules are fully integrated and work together on the same machine. BDP can make a significant difference to automation to the basic human resource management processes and profitability

BDP achieves this by reducing and eliminating time consuming administrative burdens

       Automate routine tasks .
       Streamline business processes through workflow .
       Once-only data entry .

Reports: (Each report could be saved in PDF, excel, cvs, word, tex format)

EASY TO USE : The "look and feel" of BDP is consistent with the universally familiar Windows environment, so technology training is minimal, with the focus on the rules and procedures of your business. Also a comprehensive User Manual is provided, along with animated tutorials and free technical support.

REDUCE EXPOSURE TO LAWSUITS : Track an employee's entire history to include job performance and warnings. Track your company's compliance with EEO standards..

DEVELOP PEOPLE : Identify the skills necessary to achieve organizational objectives and thus recruit the right people for the right jobs. All the information about your organization and its people (e.g. positions, skill requirements, benefits, and events) can be entered into the system and retained for easy reference and retrieval. Tracking of career paths, employee performance and pro-active management of staff training and development, provides your organization with the knowledge to build a productive, motivated and loyal workforce..

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