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The BASE Prospect Builder (BPB) a multi-user, multi-tasking system designed for customer management. It consists of an easy-to-use graphical user interface and a fast and reliable networking database. BPB can run on any database system which support ANSI standard. The generally accepted purpose of BASE Prospect Builder (BPB) is to enable organizations to better serve their customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures for interacting with those customers.

The system is extremely comprehensive and includes all the following functions: :

       Contact Management .
       Sales Tracking .
       Security .
       Backup / Restore .
       Interface to SMS (optional).

All of the modules are fully integrated and work together on the same machine. BPB can make a significant difference to automation to the basic business processes (marketing, sales, service) and profitability. In the design of this system we have carried out extensive research into CRM and have actually designed BPB from five different perspectives:

        Financial Controllers.
       Management .
       Sales staff .
       Marketing staff.
       Trainee and/or part time staff.

Each one of the above groups has different needs and requirements, each of which is fully met by the BPB system.

To elaborate, sales staffs are interrupt driven.some of the company's critical sales and sales force management functions, for example, lead/account management, contact management, quote management, forecasting, sales administration, keeping track of customer preferences, buying habits, and demographics, as well as sales staff performance. Tools are designed to improve field sales productivity.On the other hand, trainees and part time staff require a system that is easy to learn and easy to use, both of which are very important features of our system. With BPB, training of new staff is minimal, thus reducing costs to the business.

Financial controllers require good system controls and accuracy. Management, on the other hand, requires reporting that will enable them to determine their position, past, present and future, in terms of marketing and decision making. A system can only deliver benefits to an organization if all the above five groups are satisfied and BPB does it fully.

Consideration has also been given in the system design for cost saving; an example is minimal paper wastage because any report can be viewed or printed..

Maintenance of the system is kept to a minimum from the management perspective. For example, there is no need to rebuild index files and no need to run any special utilities on a daily basis, as all tables are automatically refreshed.

The database also contains automatic recovery and transaction logs, which guarantees the data integrity in case of an unexpected mishap such as a power or hardware failure.

The BPB is a functional, comprehensive, fast, flexible and reliable system, which will be an integral asset to any sales force driven organization.

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