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Web Project Portal (WPP) is a web based project content management to mange different project and creating web site dynamically for each project. This is suitable and very essential for large organizations who are dealing with the different project. this project management system ensure the information availability to all the stockholders of the projects.

This system include following features:

       Creating project.
       Assigning people for the project with designated user right.
       Creating different pages and its content for the project.
       Sending mail to members of the project.
       Managing pages for project member as well as internet user.
       Unlimited project page creation.
       Provide opportunity to add project header/footer image for each project.
       Employee Appraisal with 360-degree appraisal process .
       Provide unlimited documents/file adding to the project.
       Provide unlimited folder creation to categories the files for ease of navigation
       Provide option for reviewing and making comments of any file or documents, its  work like              a dashboard for the project.

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