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Other Modules

    RH033 - Introduction to Red Hat Linux I, II
    RH253 - Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

UNIT 1 - Hardware, Device Configuration, and Installation

       Initial Installation
       Hardware Overview
       Hardware Compatibility
       General Hardware Resources
       CPU and Memory
       Filesystem Device Nodes
       System Bus Support
       Hotswappable Bus Support
       Disk Partitioning
       Sample Partition Structure
       Block Devices and Flesystems
       Filesystem Schemes
       The Red Hat Installer
       Installer Features
       Red hat Linux Installation
       Partitioning hard Drives
       Software RAID
       LVM: Logical Volume Manager
       Network Configuration
       Firewall Setup
       Package Selection
       Validating the Installation
       Serial Console Installation
       Noprobe Mode and Driver Disks
       Post-Install Configuration
       System Configuration
       End of Unit 1
       Lab: Hardware and Installation

UNIT 2 - Linux Filesystem Management
       System Initialization: Device Recognition
       Desk Partitioning
       Managing partitions
       Managing Data: Filesystem Basics
       Managing Data: Filesystem Creation
       Journaling for ext2 filesystems: ext3
       ReiserFS and JFS
       Managing Data: mount
       Managing Data: mount options
       Managing Data: Connecting Network Resources
       Managing Data: /etc/fstab
       Managing Data: Unmounting Filesystems
       Managing Data: The Auto-Mounter
       Ext2/ext3 Filesystem Attributes
       Virtual Memory Files
       Filesystem Maintenance
       Filesystem Maintenance (cont.)
       Determining Filesystem Usage
       Adding a Drive
       End of Unit 2
       Lab: Using autofs and Adding Swap

UNIT 3 - System Initialization and Services
       Boot sequence
       BIOS Initialization
       Boot Loader
       Kernel Initialization
       Init Initialization
       Run Levels
       Daemon Processes
       System V run levels
       Virtual Consoles
       Controlling Services
       System Shutdown
       System Reboot
       End of Unit 3
       Lab: Managing Startup

UNIT 4 - User Administration
       User Policy Considerations
       The User Account Database- /etc/passwd
       Adding a New User Account
       Modifying/Deleting Accounts
       Password Aging policies
       Authentication Configuration
       Group Administration
       Switching Accounts
       File Ownership
       Linux File Permissions
       SUID / SGID Executables
       The Sticky Bit
       The Setgid Access Mode
       Default File Permissions
       User Private Groups
       User Environment (cont.)
       The Linux Quota System
       The Linux Quota System (cont.)
       End of Unit 4
       Lab: User and Group Administration

UNIT 5 - Network Configuration
       Device Recognition
       Network Interfaces
       Address Resolution Protocol
       Interface Configuration Files
       Configuration Utilities
       Multiple NICs
       Binding Multiple IP Addresses
       Allowing User Control of Network Interfaces
       Basic IP Routes
       Default Route
       IP Forwarding
       Global Network Parameters
       Name Resolution
       DNS Client Configuration
       DNS Troubleshooting
       Network Diagnostics
       End of Unit 5
       Lab: Static Network Settings

UNIT 6 - System Administration Tools
       Using alternatives
       Print System User Interface
       CUPS Overview
       CUPS Configuration Files
       CUPS Queue management
       /etc/printcap and redhat-config-printer
       Task Automation
       Using at
       Controlling Access to at
       Using cron
       Crontab format
       System crontab Files
       Controlling Access to cron
       Using tmwatch
       System Log Configuration
       System Log Configuration (cont.)
       System Logging
       System Logging (cont.)
       Maintaining Logs
       Monitoring Logs
       Managing whatis
       System Mountoring and Process Control
       Backup To Tape
       Controlling Tape Drives
       Using tar
       Using dump/restore
       Using cpio
       Remote Backups
       Other Backup Software
       End of Unit 6
       Lab: System Administration Tools

UNIT 7- RPM, Boot Loaders, and Kickstart
       The RPM Way
       RPM Package Manager
       Installing and Removing Software
       Updating a Kernel RPM
       RPM Queries
       RPM Queries and Verification
       Other RPM Utilities and Features
       Red Hat Network (RHN)
       Automatic Dependency Resolution
       RHN in the Enterprise
       RHN Registration
       The up2date utility
       Remote Administration
       Boot Loader Components
       GRUB and grub.conf
       Starting the Boot Process: GRUB
       Multiboot Systems
       Ted Hat Linux Network Installation Server
       Using Kickstart to Automate Installation
       Kickstart: Commands section
       Kickstart: packages
       Kickstart: pre, post
       End of Unit7
       Lab: RPM and Kickstart

UNIT 8 - Kernel Services and Configuration
       Kernel Modules
       Kernel Module Configuration
       The /proc filesystem
       /proc/sys configuration with sysct1
       Software RAID Configuration
       Software RAID Recovery
       Creating Logical Volumes
       Resizing Logical Volumes
       Logical Volume Snapshots
       End of Unit 8
       Lab: Logical Volumes and RAID

UNIT 9 - The X Window System
       The X Window System
       The X Protocol
       Network- Transparent
       X Security
       Xauth with ssh
       X Modularity
       Window Managers
       Display Managers
       XFree86 Startup (startx)
       XFree86 Startup (prefdm)
       X Server Configuration
       X Server Design
       The X Font Server
       End of Unit 9
       Lab: The X Window System

UNIT 10 - Troubleshooting
       Things to Check:X
       Things to Check: Services
       Things to Check: Networking
       Things to Check: Booting
       Filesystem Corruption
       Filesystem Recovery
       Recovery Run-levels
       Boot Floppies
       Rescue Environment
       Rescue Environment Utilities
       Rescue Environment Details
       End of Unit 10
       Lab: System Rescue and Troubleshooting

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